Prevent The Developers From Putting More Strain On The System!

By John Dantico

TODAY – Monday October 15, 2018 the ACC is going to be voting on if, or how they intend to handle developers that want to build new homes. The ACC needs to hear from you!

EPCOR released their report showing that Johnson Utilities does not have enough water or capacity to meet the needs of current customers. See report here.

The builders and developers are trying to add even more strain on this decrepit system. We need to get people to make public comments to the ACC NOW to put a moratorium on more building until there is sufficient capacity. The ACC needs to declare a moratorium (no new homes) until Johnson Utilities has enough capacity.

The developers will be out in force, and quite frankly, if they are allowed to continue to add new connections to Johnson Utilities’ disaster of a water and waste water treatment system, when it already lacks capacity to service current customers, we who live here now (not to mention the people that buy the new homes) are going to be DAMAGED. DAMAGES INCLUDE more sewerage running down your streets, not enough water to take a shower, more E.coli and nitrates in your water, in horrific stink from water treatment plants, etc. If you want Johnson Utilities to have the capacity to take care of current customers before adding new ones, contact the ACC today! (link below)
Docket # WS-02987A-18-0050

Comments needs to state something like:
“The EPCOR Engineering Report docketed 10-10-2018 in Docket # WS-02987A-18-0050, clearly shows that the ACC needs to declare a “pause” in allowing new connections to the JU system, UNTILL the JU water and wastewater systems can demonstrate proven capacity to meet current needs.

This is a emergency situation and strong measures need to be taken to ensure the safety and health of current customers and the environment.”