The San Tan Times Received a Letter from a Concerned Reader

The San Tan Times recently recieved a letter from a concerned resident about the new commercial development in San Tan. While some of these statements may not be entirely factually correct they represent the readers point of view, and in no way represent the thoughts or ideas of San Tan Times.

By: A concerned Citizen

Dear San Tan Valley and Pinal County Supervisors

As a long time citizen of San Tan Valley I wanted to share my thoughts on the recent approval of new commercial development here.

I want to start this off by sincerely thanking the board for voting to approve any commercial development, for far too long we have seen commercial land rezoned into residential. Rooftops are the last thing that we need in San Tan Valley, so thank you very much for doing your part to help bring business into town.

In the plans for this new area you have auto service, car wash, child care, community service, health care/urgent care, fitness center, and more medical.

Now this area that we are going to have developed is directly across from the Fry’s on Hunt let’s pretend we are standing in that empty lot right now looking out towards Fry’s. In front of you see a few different things one of them being Anytime Fitness. If you look to your left you will see a dentist office but on the other side of that you can see Autozone, very close to them is a car wash (with one across the corner of Hunt/Bella Vista as well). In the same plaza as the car wash is My Dr. Now, and two other auto businesses.

So with all of this in mind how does this seem like a good idea? San Tan Valley is filled with people that are forced to leave town to do anything other than buy groceries, buy car parts, or get sick. Is the best use of prime commercial property to add more of the exact same businesses? I don’t think so!

With the location that was available; retail, sit down dining, and entertainment is what should have gone in, but the board decided to disregard what the community actually needs and go after what was quick and easy for them. By doing this you are forcing money out of not only San Tan Valley but also out of Pinal County all together. How can you justify that?

Your decisions to give us nowhere to do anything is doing nothing other than making Queen Creek, and Maricopa County richer.

I know that the county makes a good amount of money in impact fees* every time someone breaks ground so I hope it was worth it to you, because with the businesses you are bringing to San Tan Valley there will be no long term tax money coming your way. That will all be going to Queen Creek because we still have nothing here.

This community needs and deserves more than is currently being offered to them, and until the supervisors decide to do whats right for San Tan or it is incorporated we will continue to be treated with no regard. At least an incorporated San Tan Valley would try and take care of it’s citizens which obviously is not the case right now.


A Concerned Resident

*Editors Note

The statement regarding impact fees is not 100% factual. Additionally, the Board of Supervisors has no control over the type of businesses that a developer can bring into their complex as long as it meets zoning regulations. The resident of this piece was contacted and chose to leave the statement as is.

San Tan Times does agree with the general sentiment of this article that San Tan Valley residents continue to be ignored when it comes to what we need as a community when it comes to retail, dining, entertainment, and jobs.

We feel the overall idea that this resident was communicating accurately represents the frustration of this community.