EPCOR Has A Variety Of Jobs Available At Johnson Utilities

By San Tan Times Staff

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Johnson Utilities transferred its management and operations to EPCOR USA on August 31, 2018. EPCOR is committed to being a good neighbor, a community partner, a quality employer and provider of clean drinking water that meets or exceeds all quality standards. Recruiting for these positions will be handled by EPCOR USA. The successful candidates will report to and be an employee of Johnson Utilities.

Water Operator Foreman

This position pays $25.00 per hour, depending on experience.

This individual serves as a Water Foreman, performing plant operations duties including checking, troubleshooting and improving water production facilities.

The Water Operator Foreman will promote associate development by assisting operations staff with training seminars including safety, preventative maintenance and system operations. Receives job assignments through work orders and verbal instructions from Plant Operations Supervisor and is expected to carry projects through to completion, resolving most problems independently. Participates by a method of hands-on work, prioritizes work and decides what equipment and materials are needed to accomplish work assignments. Monitors work-in-progress to ensure timely completion. Inspects project upon completion to verify that all aspects of the job have been performed properly. Reads and interprets water facility plans. Contacts vendors and contractors to coordinate repair/modification projects. Completes purchase requisitions, maintenance records and other simple reports. Requires overseeing equipment check sheets. Performs other work as required. Knowledge of all aspects of water system operations. Working knowledge of water pumping and production facilities and water distribution system. Working knowledge in the operation of light, medium and specialty utility repair equipment. Strong computer knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Water Distribution Foreman

This position pays $25.00 per hour, depending on experience.

This individual serves as a Water Distribution Foreman, Overseeing day-to-day operations to ensure safety, efficiency and teamwork. Duties include maintaining the water distribution system, valves and hydrants. Installation of water mains, valves, hydrants and new services. Promote employee development by ensuring training is provided to employees including safety, preventative maintenance and system operations.

The Foreman is responsible for the oversight and day-to-day operation of the water distribution system, hydrants, valves and services. This includes leading the operations staff, tracking and monitoring their performance. Receive job assignments through work orders and verbal instructions from Operations Manager or Operations Supervisor and carry projects through to completion, resolving most problems independently. Prioritize work and issue daily schedules to ensure equipment and materials are in place to accomplish work assignments. Monitor work-in-progress to ensure timely completion. Inspect projects upon completion to verify that all aspects of the job have been performed properly. Read and interpret plans and specs. Contact vendors and contractors to coordinate repair/modification projects. Complete purchase requisitions, maintenance records, operations reports and other reports. Oversee equipment check sheets. Perform other work as required.

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Field Service Representative / Meter Reader

Investigates customer complaints; i.e., high meter readings, noise, leaks, water quality, sewer line blockages, odors, and low/high water pressure. Determines problems and takes appropriate actions to resolve them. Assists customers in locating water leaks. Inspects water meter connections for leaks and replaces material as needed to repair leaks. Performs skilled work in the installation, maintenance and repair of the water distribution systems and sewer collection systems. Installs, reads, inspects and replaces water meters. Checks sewer manholes. Ensures implementation of standards, targets, policies, and plans to ensure the continuing and increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Ensures that operational integrity (quality, environment, reliability, health, safety, security, etc.) is maintained. Contributes to effective communication by listening and providing constructive feedback; supporting the creation of an open and honest work environment; sharing knowledge and information relevant to other members of the team and colleagues across the business.

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Distribution Operator

The Operator will perform a variety of operation and maintenance work related to a public water distribution system.

The operator will provide customer service to District residents related to pressure, water quality, and leaks.

Performs a variety of field service duties including meter reading, inspection, maintenance and customer service oriented work related to the water distribution system.

Uploads and downloads information to and from hand-held meter reading devices;

Investigates unusual readings and customer complaints regarding high bills, taste and odor, and pressure related problems; re-reads meters as necessary; resolves problems or prepares work orders for follow-up.

Performs customer service duties in the field as necessary including service turn-ons and turn-offs and hanging door hangers related to service and delinquent accounts; assists in routing and re-routing of meters.

Inspects meters and lines for damage or leaks; installs and exchanges water meters; repairs water leaks; replaces meter lids; reports inoperative or damaged meters, bypassed meters and related problems; clears or reports meters obstructed by landscaping; prepares service requests as necessary.

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Wastewater Operator

This is an hourly position; pay is depending on experience. There is extra incentive for achieving ADEQ Grade 1 Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection certifications. The Wastewater Operator performs skilled and semi-skilled and skilled work in the operation and maintenance of wastewater plant systems. Performs plant operations duties including checking, troubleshooting, and improving wastewater pumping and treatment facilities.

Detailed Description

Performs work involving the operations, maintenance and control of wastewater plants and lift stations; monitoring operations, analyzing chemical processes, canvassing the process and performing various functions in process controls. • Participates in the operation, maintenance, control, and repair of all related plant process equipment including; pumps, motors, chlorinators, chemical feeds, and basic laboratory instruments to ensure treated wastewater meets County, State and EPA quality standards. Obtains samples and performs testing. • Operates, monitors, and adjusts, as necessary, all related plant process equipment, including chemical pumps. • Conducts various tests to determine proper chemical feed rates, calculates chemical feed rates and changes pump settings as needed. • Monitors telemetry systems. • Assists in the safe unloading and storage of chemicals. • Makes equipment adjustments, lubrications, minor repairs and reports equipment problems. • Makes field repairs on motors, pumps, and valves. • Performs housekeeping duties in order to keep all facilities clean and neat. •Other duties as required.

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Construction Laborer

Job Description:

  • Assist in building structures for residential, business, and construction sites.
  • Participate in demolitions.
  • Work underground in tunnels and sewer systems.
  • Remove trees and debris.
  • Service machines, including pumps, compressors, generators, tractors, and trailers.
  • Mix concrete.
  • Pump concrete, grout, cement, sand, or plaster.
  • Use spray guns for application of material to ceilings or walls.
  • Assist construction managers.
  • Read blueprints and designs.
  • Install traffic control devices.
  • Clear and prepare highway work zones.
  • Dig trenches.
  • Install sewer, water, and storm drainpipes.
  • Pour concrete and asphalt onto roads.
  • Operate laser guidance equipment to place pipes.
  • Operate air, electric, and pneumatic drills.
  • Operate pavement breakers; jackhammers; earth tampers; concrete, mortar, and plaster mixers.
  • Control robotic pipe cutters and cleaners.
  • Survey and measure equipment.

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