Local Resident And State Representative for District 12 Candidate Shares His Thoughts 

By Nick Myers 

Regardless of who you were rooting for, here are my two cents: The process shown was unacceptable and

Nick Myers

reeks of some sort of corruption. Many times in my career in the corporate world (and following), I have had to make decisions. Sometimes these were major, other times it was less important, but every time I had to look at all of the facts and make a decision. So let’s make a generalized scenario out of the “mess” of a hearing. Candidate 1 came to that table with: “Choose us, you know us, we don’t have a plan but we do good work and we will figure it out.” Candidate 2 came with: “We have a plan, we have the ability, and here is how we would do it, and by the way, we’ve already done a whole bunch of research and identified the problem areas so we have a head start on dealing with this issue”. Which one of the candidates would you choose? Personally, I would be voting on the second candidate because they showed initiative, tenacity, passion, desire and all those other good traits that are needed to make good decisions. Which one did the commission choose today? The first candidate. I really don’t know how that makes any sense. 

Furthermore, I want to point out that commission Chairman indicated the main reason he did not choose the towns is because he felt EPCOR had more experience in front of the commission. I really don’t see how this is a very big hurdle to overcome. After all, as a complete novice to the ACC, I was able to figure out how to navigate the system and win a case against Johnson Utilities. How in the world could it be very difficult for two towns and their multitude of lawyers to figure out? 

Now again, I am very thankful that we have an Interim Manager in place. That alone is a HUGE step regardless of who that management is. Unfortunately, I am disappointed in that I now have an underlying suspicion that nefarious motives may be at play, not only with WHO was chosen but also the fact that an Interim Manager was voted for in the first place. 

How far in advance did EPCOR know about this decision? Is that why they had three job openings posted at the beginning of July this year? Is that why EPCOR seemed to be woefully unprepared for this hearing today compared to the Towns? Did they already know they needn’t put much effort into prep work because it was “in the bag”? Why was Elija Abinah so very prepared and pushing for EPCOR, within an hour after the decision was made to have an IM? I even wrote a text message to a friend the day the decision for IM was made that said: “BTW, I got an uneasy feeling today with regards to the commission being a little chummy with Epcor. I thought I might be the only one, but it was mentioned by others as well. 

I sure hope the town of Queen Creek and the town of Florence get a fair shot. I also hope that the extremely recent job postings on the EPCOR website are not preemptive with regards to the Interim Manager position for Johnson Utilities. That wouldn’t look very good.” Well… maybe my gut was correct. 

I want to reiterate that I am very thankful that we at least get an Interim Manager. However, we must remain vigilant to make sure this private company does what is in our best interest. Finally, I would like to say: Good job San Tan Valley, way to come together as a community, and regardless of which entity any individual desired, we are definitely one step closer to our end goal. 

Nick Myers is a local San Tan Valley resident and is currently running for Arizona State Representative for District 12. 

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