Nick Myers Submits His Signatures To Be On The Ballot

At San Tan Times, we want to see as many residents take part in their community as possible. Local resident, Nick Myers, took it a bit further and decided to run for Arizona State Representative for District 12.

As of May 8th, it became official that Mr. Myers will be on the ballot for the upcoming primary as he turned in his required signatures.

Mr. Myers reasoning behind becoming involved to this level was a direct result of the problems he faced with the local water utility.

Nick Meyers

“The reason I am running is less about what the current legislators have done wrong, and more about what they haven’t been doing at all. The currently elected officials have been very good about being true to their party, and have largely been making the correct decisions. However, they have been doing it so long that they appear to have lost focus, vision, and the go-getter attitude. They have been basically ignoring large sections of their district for far too long and have done little to help when things have been bad.

For approximately two years, I was engaged with the Arizona Corporation Commission fighting what can only be described as a ruthless private water company. This company effectively withheld water from an entire neighborhood (almost exclusively in Legislative District 12) starting in June, 2015. Being that I was one of the first customers to have my account shut down, as well as the one person in the community that had the tenacity, ambition, and time, I was the one that had to deal with this problem while the rest of the community was left to haul water from 1.5 hours, round trip, just to have potable water at their house.

I battled the utility and its expensive lawyers without any legal representation. At the end of that 2 year period, I won, and we had our water back. A long, drawn out process that required me to essentially figure out how to be a lawyer, and not just any lawyer, one that can win over the deep pocketed water company. After winning, a sigh of relief was brought not only to me, but to the entire neighborhood. Unfortunately, there were/are still issues. I am actively providing guidance to, and working with, another person that decided to take them on as well. During all this time, our local legislators have not so much as returned a phone call, or made any attempt at offering any sort of help, support, or even empathy.”

For most of the residents in the San Tan Valley area, Mr. Myers campaign is not within your voting district. But, if he is, we suggest you take the time to read up on him and the others running for the seats. We urge you to be active and involved no matter who you vote for.