Have You Seen Timber?

Resident located in the Schnepf Farms area by Rittenhouse and Cloud in the Sentiero community have lost their dog, Timber when she escaped out of the house this afternoon. She might be a bit of an escape artist, but the owners state she is super friendly and responds to her name. She is a Lab and is 8 years old. Timber did not have her collar on at the time (also no wallet since dogs don’t have pockets).

If you find Timber, please take good care of her and call the owners immediately at 480-280-6064. They are super worried about her and want her back with her family. If you have any additional questions you can also reach out to San Tan Times. We will be more than happy to hold on to Timber if you are unable to get a hold of the owners and we will be sure the owners get their furry family member back.