FUSD Is Putting Their Bond Funds To Good Use

By FUSD and San Tan Times Staff

“The students across FUSD are grateful for the passage of the FUSD Bond last year. We have been able to finance projects that were desperate needs for our students. We have purchased new technology and fixed playgrounds across the district. Check out the difference at the Florence High School Tennis Courts.”





The bond funds that the community voted for in November of 2017 has offered the ability to update and upgrade certain security equipment, transportation, teaching equipment, athletic fields, playgrounds, and common spaces for security and safety.

FUSD has provided updates as they have  moved forward with using their Bond dollars.

Previously FUSD has issued statements on purchases consisting of new technology for students with over 3,600+ chrome books, 3 school buses for their students with disabilities that will be used by the entire district, a wood chipper and gannon tractor. The wood chipper and gannon tractor equipment saves the district money by allowing them to do a lot of the maintenance in-house rather than contracting out, saving FUSD in equipment rental fees that can exceed $500.00 per week.