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Visit Earnhardt’s Temporary Queen Creek Location While Their New Home is Being Built

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A Member of Our Community Has Some Advice

As someone who opposed the incorporation of San Tan Valley, a local resident wants to share their thoughts on what went wrong. Read this residents thoughts here.

A Short But Productive ACC Open Meeting

With a lot less fireworks than Tuesday’s ACC open meeting, progress was made in our ongoing issue with water quality, but what does it mean for San Tan Valley? Find out more about the open meeting!

Local Sports

San Tan Valley Student Athletes were hard at it last week. How did our local sports teams do over the last few days? Find out more about our local teams.

The Flying Tiger

The Great Horned Owl is the largest of the six species of owl that is native to the sonoran desert, standing at almost two feet tall. Learn more about The Great Horned Owl!

Road Work Update! There Are A Lot of Changes Coming

For the next 4 weeks a major intersection will be closed but what else is going on with San Tan Valley roads? With Gantzel Coming to a close soon, Hunt Highway will see more changes. Read more about the Road Work!

Messages From Space

The students at Circle Cross Ranch Elementary are connected to the International Space Station, and can receive messages directly from the space station as it flies over. They also get to do some interactive activities with the Space Station. Read more about the program here!