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Practical Dieting

When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, understanding serving sizes and calories will help you manage a diet more easily. Learn more about what you can do to manage your diet!

ACC Judicial Hearing

This is a reminder to all residents that the ACC Judicial Hearing takes place Thursday, March 29. If you would like to attend or take part, it is important that you plan now to be sure you can speak or intervene if that is your intentions. Find out more!

 Never Too Young For A Career

Local Kid With Goals, Plans, And Skills. She’s only eleven, but within just a few minutes of speaking with her, you would be sure she’s going on 30! Learn more about this young girl on a mission!

 Jobs In Our Area

More jobs in, and around the San Tan Valley area. Our ongoing effort to help you deal with less traffic by working local. Find a new job now!

Vet’s Best Friends

Our dog trainer columnist talks about the military program giving wounded veterans and shelter dogs a second chance at life one match at a time. Learn more about the program!