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Earnhardt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Queen Creek

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Grilling Season Is On Fire

Stay safe when grilling this year with some great safety tips from the local fire department. Read Rural Metro’s tips here!

Nightjar, Bird of Mystery

Nightjars are nocturnal, insect eating birds that are so well camouflaged they are all but invisible unless they move. Find out more about the Nightjar from Smiling Dog Landscapes.

Supervisor Goodman Provides Next Steps

After the conclusion of four weeks of hearings, Supervisor Goodman outlines what will take place next and what the community needs to do to stay engaged in the events. Plus there are several key items planned for this week to keep the San Tan Valley area moving forward.

Adopt A Lifelong Friend

There are many dogs and cats that need a home Rescue a dog or cat from a local shelter. Provide a good home and you’ll get a friend for life.

A Classroom Doesn’t Always Have To Be Indoors

 Fourth Graders Venture Out For Some Education. Students get hands-on experience in the Grand Canyon. Find out more about their trip!

River Break

With the hot weather coming up, this group seems to have the right idea. We might need a river to float around in this weekend. See more pictures.