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Pinal County Takes Home Impressive Wins

Pinal county is growing fast and economic development will be vital to the county’s future success. Find out more here.

 Local Road Work 

Two new road construction projects have begun, plus a Hunt Highway schedule outlook for June and July. Learn more here.

Heat Safety

Come out to the local park to learn about dealing with and preparing for the hot summer temps. See more here. 

A Dollar Store For San Tan Valley

One of the many things residents requested was a dollar store. With several different dollars stores competing in the market, most were in attendance at RECon allowing us the opportunity to speak with them regarding San Tan Valley and if the area met their requirements. Read more here.

2018 Summer Theater Camp

Do you know a teen, ages 13-18 who loves to sing, dance, and act? Why not have them join our 2018 Summer Teen Theatre Camp? Especially since this summer we are proud to announce that we will be performing the much beloved musical: Les Miserables, School Edition! Learn more here. 

Shop Local: Simple Wellness AZ

Simple Wellness AZ Massage is a locally owned small business providing professional bodywork and medical-style massage. Learn more here.

Local Job Finder

Bartending, mechanics, social workers, and more. Local employment positions are available for San Tan Valley residents. Find  out more here. 

Bighorn Sheep 

Caught a bighorn sheep at the lake last week. He was pretty far away so this is the best I could get. See more pictures here.