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Cinco de Mayo

 You won’t have to travel far this Cinco de Mayo to have some holiday fun and enjoy some music. Find out where you can go to have a great time!


More Rooftops going in on Hunt

Hunt Highway will be getting more roof tops built near Morning Sun Farms. How many and when will it happen?

Sunset Strolls, Desert Eating, And Al The Tortoise

Careful out there this weekend as the temperatures are rising into the triple digits. Stay safe, stay hydrated, and have some fun! Find out more!

Arizona Legislature Pass Education Bill

A lot of waiting and guess work has been taking place since last Friday’s announcement from Governor Ducey stating that the bill would be passed over the weekend. It is no longer the weekend, but early Thursday morning the bill was passed which should end the guess work for parents and schools.

San Tan Eats

The greatest food truck event in San Tan Valley returns this Saturday at the Walmart parking lot on Hunt Highway and Gary Road. Find out which trucks will be there, and what there is for the kids to do!

Local Business Offers Massage Services

New business offers services to the area that weren’t available previously. If you need a massage you now have somewhere local to go!

Health As We Age

A basic foundation of strength as we age is incredibly important. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to attempt to become a bodybuilder at the age of 60, but, being active and training with weights provides joint health, added mobility, and strength. Find out what you can do!

This Colt Got In A Little Trouble

One colt says to another “look at him over there looking all cute” “go mess up his hair” Unaware his dad was watching he went to mess with his other brother. See all the photo’s from Dirty Desert Photography’s latest trip to see the horses!