Candidate For State Senate LD 16 

Mike Hernandez

By Mike Hernandez & San Tan Times Staff

Our “Get To Know Your Candidate” series continues. In this ongoing series, we are highlighting State Senate LD16 candidate, Mike Hernandez. The incumbent candidate in this election is David Farnsworth who has held the position since 2013.

The following information is provided strictly from the candidate. San Tan Times will not tell you who you should vote for, we simply want you to vote. 

About Michael “Big Mike”

Mike Hernandez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and is the youngest of four children. His father is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer that served bravely in both the Korea and Vietnam conflicts. 

His early career was spent in retail sales, where he earned several awards for his achievements. Continuing in retail, Mike moved into retail management where his passion for training and development led to a very successful career with two different Fortune 100 companies. During that time, he mentored several other successful managers and established a strong commitment to helping others.

In 2013 in search of new challenges, he started his journey into Real Estate. With a lot of hard work, he now leads a team that was on track to sell over 12 million in residential real estate in 2017. 

As a friendly and warm personality, Mike has developed a passion for people and is hoping to make their lives better. He will be a natural fit to represent the people of District 16. Don’t take our word for it.

Mike Hernandez on the issues:


The Affordable Healthcare Act is a failed law that is hurting the people of Arizona. Premiums are skyrocketing, taxes have gone up, and small businesses are struggling with the law’s confusing rules and regulations. There is currently only one insurance provider offered on the healthcare exchange for Maricopa County.

Mike believes we can do better by enacting real health care reform that empowers patients, creates competition and increases coverage while reducing costs. Mike is committed to ending the government takeover of our health care system.


Arizona is home to one of the highest percentage of senior citizens in the United States. Sadly for over a quarter of a century government has mismanaged overall retirement for seniors. With politicians in both parties afraid to champion change we are breaking the promises we have made to current and future seniors. Mike believes if we fail to reform Medicare and Social Security to current standards we will be going back on our commitment to those who have paid into these programs for decades. Mike supports reasonable reforms to strengthen Medicare and Social Security, provide financial and retirement security for our seniors, and get our country’s finances on the right track.


Mike advocates fixing America’s immigration system, beginning with securing our border, enforcing immigration laws in the workplace, and implementing effective visa tracking systems. It is very important that we do not continue to allow violent criminals free due to prison overcrowding or just the lack of a better solution.


According to a recent study published in US News and World Report Arizona ranked #43 out of 50 for overall education. Our PreK-12 was even lower at #47 out of 50. Mike believes that educating the future generation has to be one of Arizona’s top priorities. Even though we have made huge strides with charter schools and other school choice solutions we are still struggling with funding. We need to spend the time necessary to further examine this and come up with sustainable solutions for funding.

Mike’s Priorities:

  • Support Arizona residents with viable healthcare solutions as Obamacare is changed/repealed. 
  • Support Arizona’s seniors by modernizing Medicare and other senior programs.
  • Sponsor changes to Immigration like deporting criminal illegal aliens, hire new Border Patrol agents and implement E-Verify System.
  • Protect Arizona Freedoms such as property rights, practicing an individual’s Religion, and the Right to Bear Arms.
  • Examine and create Educational solutions for Arizona’s K-12.

You can find out more about Mr. Hernandez and his campaign by visiting his website at:

You can also stop by San Tan Eats on July 7, 2018, at 7:00 PM and visit him in person.