Our “Get To Know Your Candidate” series continues. In today’s column, San Tan Times is highlighting Democrat candidate for Congressional District 4, David Brill. In Monday’s edition of San Tan Times, we highlighted the Republican candidate, Paul Gosar. 

The following information is provided strictly by the candidate. San Tan Times will not tell you who you should vote for, we simply want you to vote. 

From The David Brill Campaign 


I will fight for simple, affordable, accessible health care for every American. No one should lose, or be unable to afford, health care because of job loss or life transition. 

Employer-based health insurance is a burden that ever fewer businesses are able to support. It stifles the economy, makes startups more difficult and inhibits innovation. We have many opportunities to reduce costs while we expand and improve care. 

I will advocate for a public option that allows any American to buy into our nation’s most efficient insurance system: Medicare. It will then compete with private insurance and help bring prices down naturally. 

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“A wall represents a failure of immigration policy” 

No real reform of immigration policy has gone forward since 1986. I will work with Congress on both sides of the aisle to pass comprehensive immigration reform that protects American workers, supports American business, and ends the immoral and counterproductive treatment of migrant workers, immigrants, and asylum-seekers that has so energized the American people. 

To understand the problem, it is important to understand why people come here, how they come, and how we can improve the process. Only by fully considering all three of these factors can we address the problem in a way that fully secures the border while welcoming those who want to come for the right reasons:

  • Why people come to the U.S. 
  • How they come here 
  • Why they stay 
  • The Rule of Law 
  • Ideas for how we fix it 

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Fair Taxes & Fiscal Responsibility 

It is wrong to load our debt on to future generations.” 

Our national debt weakens our economy and threatens our national security. We’ve loaded over $21 trillion in debt resulting from poor fiscal management and careless spending onto future generations. We did that by putting two wars, three ill-advised tax cuts, and the Great Recession onto the next generations’ credit card. We are giving away our ability to lead on the world stage because we’re bankrupting our own government through “starve-the-beast” fiscal policy. 

When the next economic downturn comes, we will have a lot less financial room to maneuver than we did in the past. Government must respond to cyclical recessions by providing unemployment insurance and a strong safety net for families, and by reinvesting in our people. During good economic times like these, we should be running federal surpluses to pay down debt, not giving more welfare to the elite.

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Friday’s issue of San Tan Times will cover begin highlighting District 5’s candidates for House.