Our “Get To Know Your Candidate” series continues. In today’s column, San Tan Times is highlighting candidate for U.S. Senate, Deedra

Deedra Abboud

Abboud. The seat is up for grabs as Senator Flake is not running for re-election. Flake has held the position since 2012. 

The following information is provided strictly by the candidate. San Tan Times will not tell you who you should vote for, we simply want you to vote. 

From The Deedra Abboud Campaign 

PAC & Dark Money 

My campaign was founded on the mission of working for the people, not corporations. 

It’s a pledge I made on day one, and since, I have been lucky enough to sign on with the Justice Democrats, Candidates with a Contract, and Move to Amend. Each of these organizations is based on overturning Citizen’s United by signing on candidates to accept absolutely NO corporate dollars, ever. Both while running, and while in office. 

Corporations and special interests should never have more power over our elected leaders than you. 

This also affirms, in writing, that I will work directly for you, the people of Arizona. Because I will have no obligations to corporations or special interests, I will work for all the people of Arizona. Not just for donors, not just for Democrats or for those who voted for me, but for every resident of our beautiful state. 

The fact is this: campaign finance reform is a must. 


We can move toward Healthcare for All that makes sense for America and keeps America healthy – both physically and economically. 

I support the creation of a single-payer health care system or Medicare for All. We must increase coverage, support small businesses, expand primary care, and lower premiums. Medicare for All is the next step toward addressing the high costs and inequalities in the current health care system. 

Healthcare for all Americans is a goal that will improve the entire medical system. Eventually the insurance, pharmaceutical, and medical industries will have to be managed in order to bring costs under control. 

Healthcare is supposed to be an industry dedicated to improving our health. Before 1973, insurance companies were non-profit businesses focused on managing our access to quality healthcare. 

The Pew Research Center found that 60% of Americans believe the federal government is responsible for ensuring health care coverage for all Americans, while 39% say this is not the government’s responsibility – though even that group believes government programs like Medicare and Medicaid should continue.

Separation of Religion and State 

We must be free to forge our own futures, to determine our own destinies, and to follow our own faith, including no faith at all. The Constitution enshrines these freedoms as the highest law of the land, and we cannot stand idly by as those claiming to love the Constitution dismantle them. 

Almost 250 years ago a group of dreamers came together and sketched out a revolutionary vision. No longer would they be shackled to the whims of a distant government, nor bound to the religion of an idiosyncratic king. They set out to forge their own futures, determine their own destinies, and follow their own faith. In their infinite wisdom, the Founding Fathers decreed that this nation would separate church and state, and in doing so protect both institutions. Government would be free from religious overreach, and religion would be free from government interference. 

Over the past generation, however, this separation has been quietly eroded. Legislators openly use their personal religious beliefs as a pretext to limit access to reproductive services, to target the LGBT community for discrimination, and even as justification for their inhumane positions on health care and other social safety nets. The very essence of the American dream, that all men are created equal, is being sacrificed on the altar of politics; as each legislator bends that dream to fit his or her own religious narrative.

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