Our “Get To Know Your Candidate” series continues. In today’s column, The San Tan Times is highlighting candidate for Governor, Kevin McCormick. 

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From The Kevin McCormick Campaign

Education and Teacher Pay

Public education in Arizona is in a state of disarray. Classes are overfilled, and teachers are underpaid. Schools have become bloated bureaucracies where most of the resources are spent on everything but the classroom — Arizona spends almost ten times per nonviolent inmate what we spend on K-12 student in the classroom. That’s just wrong.

I oppose one-size-fits-all federal mandates like Common Core because they demoralize our kids and force teachers to focus on standardized testing. As governor, I will always favor policies that let teachers teach. They should have the power to create the learning environment that works best for their students — and be paid appropriately for the invaluable service they provide.

More on this issue: www.mccormickforliberty.com/education 

Legalization of Cannabis: You Have a Right to Choose What You Put in Your Own Body

The state of Arizona spends over $700,000 a day keeping 10,000 non-violent cannabis offenders behind bars — nearly ten times per inmate than we spend per K-12 student. That is unacceptable, and as governor of Arizona, I will promptly legalize adult possession and consumption of cannabis — and allow all nonviolent cannabis offenders to petition the court to have their records expunged.

A multi-billion dollar cannabis industry is fleeing Arizona to neighboring states where adult use is already legal, and it’s costing Arizona hundreds of thousands of jobs — not to mention hundreds of millions in tax revenue to support things Arizonans actually want, like smaller class sizes for our kids.

If Arizona were to tax the sale of cannabis and release just a third of nonviolent drug offenders from prison, we would be able to raise teacher pay, for example, ten times what our current “education governor” managed to do. Perpetuating the Drug War is a waste of taxpayer and police resources — and you have a fundamental right to choose what you put in your own body.

More on this issue: www.mccormickforliberty.com/legalization_of_cannabis

Second Amendment: You Have a Right to Defend Yourself

We don’t think it’s good for society when the only people who can be dangerous are criminals and the government. The Second Amendment isn’t about tactical hardware; it’s about your fundamental right to defend yourself as you see fit.

We understand why people want to have a conversation about gun control; when we see a tragedy take place, we want to prevent it from happening again. But taking away your right to defend yourself with a firearm has unintended consequences.

Gun-free zones, for example, have made schools easy targets for violence, because would-be assailants know there’s no one in the building who can fight back. This one-size-fits-all federal solution has not worked — and it should be up to the parents and administrators of each individual school to choose which security methods they use to protect their children.

296 people in the United States were killed in mass shootings in 2017, many of which were domestic violence. But 1,129 people were killed by police, 718 of whom were non-violent offenders or had committed no crime at all — which is why we’d find it very difficult to tell a single mother, for example, that she can’t defend herself from an intruder until the police arrive.

The government has created a culture where parents can take less responsibility for their children and where violence (driven largely by the Drug War) seems normal. Libertarians, on the other hand, stand on the principle of personal responsibility and reject the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.

More on this issue: www.mccormickforliberty.com/second_amendment

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