Our “Get To Know Your Candidate” series continues. In this ongoing series, we are highlighting the current Secretary of State running for re-election, Michele Reagan.

The following information is provided strictly by the candidate. San Tan Times will not tell you who you should vote for, we simply want you to vote.

Michele Reagan’s Platform

Transforming the Department of State
Reagan’s work to transform the Department of State has improved public access to everything from political contributions to genealogical records.

Her efforts have earned her a leading role on the National Election Cybersecurity Task Force as a member of the Association of Secretaries of State as well as the Executive Board of the Lieutenant Governor’s Association.

During her time as an elected official Michele has helped lead Arizona out of economic recession, balance the budget, and is proud to have helped create a $379 million surplus at the end of 2012.

Reagan’s fiscal conservatism and pro-business policies gained recognition from the National Federation of Independent Businesswhen she was named a “Small Business Guardian” and received the “Eye of the Eagle” award from the Arizona Small Business Association.

Her commitment to job creation and reducing the tax burden has been recognized by both the Arizona and Greater Phoenix Chambers of Commerce with their consistent endorsements during her time as a legislator and senator.

Exemplary Legislation Record
Senator Reagan has an outstanding record as a legislator where she once earned the prestigious “Best Legislator” award from the Arizona Capitol Times.

Her solid understanding of economic growth and job creation earned her the honor of being the Chair of the House Commerce Committee, where she was the youngest female to hold this position in Arizona history.

Election Champion
With her transition to the Senate in 2010, Michele became the champion of election issues in the state of Arizona. Her desire to ensure that every Arizona resident has access to vote was matched with an insistence that our elections were both fair and efficient.

Her leadership in improving Arizona elections resulted in the formation of the first Senate Elections Committee where Michele was proud to act as the Chairwoman.

Committed to Voting Rights
While acting as the Chair for the Senate Elections Committee, Michele committed herself to increasing voter registration and education efforts by working hand-inhand with county and municipal officials to address their concerns with the election system.

Michele continues listening to voters to find ways to make Arizona the nation’s leader in election integrity and ballot security.

For additional information regarding Michele Reagan’s platform and campaign, go online at: votereagan.com