Our “Get To Know Your Candidate” series continues. In today’s column, San Tan Times is highlighting State Senator candidate for LD8, Natali Fierros-Bock.

The following information is provided strictly by the candidate. San Tan Times will not tell you who you should vote for, we simply want you to vote. 

From The Natali Fierros-Bock Campaign

The Right Choice for Rural Arizona

Natali Fierros-Bock is a fourth-generation Arizonan, an educator, actor, wife, and mother, working to represent Legislative District 8 in the State Senate.

As a public school educator in the district, Natali has both elementary and middle school experience. She is equipped with firsthand knowledge of the struggles facing Arizona’s education system today. Natali is ready to address the problems plaguing our system and create win/win solutions for our children, our teachers, and our communities.

Natali is also the mother of three daughters. After the 2016 election, it was important for her to model citizenship and character for her girls. She was appointed Chair of Legislative District 8 Democrats and helped to build and train the largest group of Precinct Committeepeople in the county, increasing their numbers by nearly 50%. Her grassroots efforts are rooted in community organizing and relationship building. She intends to take these skills to the State Senate and be an advocate for the citizens of LD 8, working to protect health care, education and our economy. Natali wants us all to have a better quality of life.

After earning a B.A. from Pepperdine University, Natali returned to school to get a master’s degree in Elementary Education. She lives in San Tan Valley with her husband, Jim, also an educator, and their three daughters.


As a rural district, job availability is an even greater challenge, with fewer jobs available and people being underemployed. Job creation can be stimulated by encouraging and supporting the growth of small businesses and investing in job training, education, and infrastructure to bring manufacturing and business to the area. It is imperative we foster the dignity of a job by creating an economy that works for all of us. This means a job should have decent pay and reliable hours. We cannot grow a strong economy if our workforce is living in poverty. This also means we close corporate tax loopholes and make the super wealthy pay their fair share to relieve the tax-burden and squeeze on the middle class. Again, it is a strong middle class that builds a strong economy. It is time they had leadership working for them.


No one should have to gamble with their health and yet hundreds of thousands of Arizonans are forced into lose/lose choices because of the rising cost of healthcare and medication. In rural Arizona, the effects are felt even deeper. We must be fiscally responsible with our dollars and that means state funding of Medicaid and KidsCare. The costs of cutting these programs from the budget cripples our communities and costs taxpayers more in the long run. Providing assistance to our most vulnerable keeps our communities healthy and eases the financial and resource burden on our hospitals.

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