Our “Get To Know Your Candidate” series continues. In today’s column, San Tan Times is highlighting

Tara Phelps

candidate Tara Phelps who is running for State House of Representatives, LD16. 

The following information is provided strictly by the candidate. San Tan Times will not tell you who you should vote for, we simply want you to vote. 

From The Tara Phelps Campaign 

About Tara Phelps 

As Arizona House Representative, I will protect Arizona families and our children, protect our health and safety, protect Arizona’s economic growth, protect our educational opportunities, and protect our hard-earned dollars. 

As your Arizona House of Representative, I will: 

  • Insist on fiscal accountability and transparency for all tax dollars 
  • Protect our tax dollars, property and state’s rights 
  • Ensure adequate and appropriate education funding 
  • Support border security 
  • Pro-life supporter 
  • Protect 2nd Amendment rights 

I am an Arizona native with strong roots in the East Valley. 

I was born in Mesa, attended Gilbert Public Schools. I met my husband Jared Phelps at Highland High. I attended Arizona State University, earning a degree in Business Supply Chain Management. 

It is my East Valley roots, our community’s strong guiding principles and values, that I appreciate and want to protect. 

Our family has grown to care deeply for community and feel it is time to help serve, represent and guide Arizona into its fullest potential for present and future generations. 

As your Arizona House Representative, I will represent all constituents in a dignified and honest manner.

Education Funding 

Protect educational opportunities, flexibility for parents, schools, and local governance to meet individual student needs. Reform Arizona’s outdated funding formula, and increase resources to teachers, classrooms, and career/tech. 

Stable Economic Growth 

Provide stable budget practices – not band-aids. As a small business owner, I know flexibility for the business market is essential to building a strong and diverse economy. 

Accountability / Transparency / Responsibility 

Protect ALL taxpayer dollars: veterans funding, Medicaid, AHCCCS, education funding, foster care system, transportation. I will always seek transparencies and efficiencies, creating more “bang for our buck.” 

Arizona’s Children 

Prevent our children from being a vulnerable population; our great state depends on them. Support efforts to keep families together safely, support AZ Dept. of Child Safety with oversight/accountability, support parents’ rights, support judicial policies that reduce incarcerated juveniles and encourage rehabilitation. 

Tara Phelps is endorsed by: 

  • Mesa Mayor John Giles 
  • Stand for Children 
  • The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police 
  • Mesa City Council Member Kevin Thompson 
  • Pinal County Board of Supervisor Mike Goodman 
  • Gilbert School Board Member Reed Carr

For additional information regarding Tara Phelps’ platform and campaign, go online at: