Media Releases Issued Without EPCOR Knowledge/Approvals 

During the past month, some messages have been released to the media and posted on the Johnson Utilities Facebook page without the approval and knowledge of EPCOR. 

We apologize for the confusion this situation has caused. As you might know, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) last year asked EPCOR to act as interim manager of Johnson Utilities. At the request of the ACC, we’ve communicated with the owners of Johnson Utilities and other interested parties that EPCOR should review and approve all media messages and customer communications in the future. We’re also putting guidelines in place to oversee customer communications for the Johnson Utilities website and billing system. 

While we’re making every effort to ensure that customers receive consistent messaging from Johnson Utilities, there are some limitations on what EPCOR can do legally. We cannot restrict use of the Johnson Utilities logo or letterhead, nor control the Johnson Utilities Facebook page, which is privately managed. 

Above all, we value transparency in our communications with Johnson Utilities, and thank you for your patience as we resolve these recent communications issues.


The Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) is a division of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) that helps property owners and water providers ensure access to adequate renewable water supplies. Each year Johnson Utilities has to pay a replenishment tax to the CAGRD and distributes this cost through an “adjustor fee” among customers based on location and individual water usage. The money collected is paid to CAGRD; Johnson Utilities does not keep any of this revenue.

At its March 12-13 meeting, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved Johnson Utilities’ revised CAGRD Adjustor Fees. Depending on where you live, your fee either went up or down. The revised fees are now $1.85 per 1,000 gallons consumed in the Phoenix Active Management Area (a 21% rate decrease) and $2.50 per 1,000 gallons consumed in the Pinal AMA (a 31% increase). This change will appear on customers’ April 2019 water bill. Your water bill specifies which AMA you live in. Job Openings There are several positions open at Johnson Utilities, including three foreman positions and 13 others in different operational areas. For information on these openings and how to apply, please visit the Employment page on the Johnson Utilities website.