The Latest Hydrogen Sulfide Exceedances 

With reports from the county coming in last week with nine Hudrogen Sulfide exceedaces, we have another report of additional high levels of Hydrogen sulfied from the Oasis Blvd. monitor. Two additional exceedances took place on May 20, 2018. That brings the number to eleven total exceedances over four different days.

HS2 Levels 5-23-18

The report does not mention if the Johsnon Utilities monitor indicated high levels, but the previous report stated that “The Johnson Utilities monitor at the Maintenance Yard, collected with the PCAQCD monitor, did not show an exceedance on May 11 or May 12, to determine the cause of the difference in measurements.”

It is unclear as to why there are coninued differences between the county place monitors and the Johnson Utilities monitor. But one thing is clear, more monitors are needed, and Johson Utilities own consultant admitted during the evidentiary hearing stated as much.

As much as it seem like we are being repetitive, the only way to create a solution to this ongoing problem is with community engagement. As we mentioned in the previous issue of San Tan Times, we support Supervisor Goodman’s ongoing plea of having San Tan Valley residents CALL all supervisors to let them know how you feel about this current situation with the water utility.

Supervisor House ph: 480-982-0659

Supervisor Miller ph: 520.866.7401

Supervisor Smith ph: 520.866.3960

Supervisor Rios ph: 520.866.7830

Supervisor Goodman ph: 520.866.8080