Apparently, This Is Now A Weekly Column, Unfortunately

For the sixth straight week in a row, Pinal County has issued warnings to residents concerning high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide.

The ongoing problems coming from Wastewater Treatment Plant 11 are appearing to get worse based on the reports provided by the county. Even though the Utility has announced that the plant will close, the health concerns surrounding that plant remain. 

For the week of June 7 through June 13, there were 13 Hydrogen Sulfide exceedances. This marks the highest amount of exceedances in a single week since Pinal County has started reporting on the plant. 

For residents of the area, the unknown is one of the biggest concerns. Hydrogen Sulfide is incredibly harmful.

Additionally, with limited availability of monitors in that area, it is hard to determine how bad the problem is. It was recommended under testimony from Johnson Utilities own consultant that more monitors are needed in that area. But that has not happened. 

Are low levels of Hydrogen Sulfide Dangerous?

Though the levels Pinal County Air Quality has reported are below 1.0 – the Federal Register research claims that the “EPA has determined that hydrogen sulfide can reasonably be anticipated to cause serious or irreversible chronic human health effects at relatively low doses and thus is considered to have moderately high to high chronic toxicity.”

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The purpose of showing the county reports dating back to May 2, 2018, is to show the consistent exceedances that have taken place every week for the last six weeks.

San Tan Times is currently looking into what repercussions the utility could face due to ongoing Hydrogen Sulfide exceedances and what options residents have available to them that are affected by this ongoing problem.