Traffic on south bound Ellsworth Road from Ryan to Walnut has shifted to eastward lat last night to begin the next phase of work.

SB Ellsworth Road is restricted to one lane from Fulton Pkwy to Queen Creek Rd due to the temporary subgrade for construction being saturated from the 2+ inches of rain this weekend. Traffic shifted last night for the next phase of work, resulting in two South bound lanes being open tomorrow morning. North bound traffic will remain two lanes.

Reminder of existing roadwork:

  • Power Rd NB and SB lane shifts between Ocotillo Rd and Brooks Farms for road improvements. Jan. 16 – Mar. 04; 8:30 am – 2 pm 
  • Rittenhouse Rd NB lane shift between Combs Rd and Railroad Spur crossing for roadway widening. Feb. 01 – Apr. 01; 24-hour 
  • Queen Creek Rd EB and WB lane shift at Ellsworth Rd for road widening work. Feb. 06 – Mar. 04; 24-hour 
  • Riggs Rd EB lane shift at Ellsworth Rd for paving work. Feb. 21 – Feb. 27; 24-hour 
  • Queen Creek Rd EB lane shift between 220th St and Meridian Rd for sewer main install. Feb. 25 – Mar. 22; 24-hour 
  • Cloud Rd EB and WB lane shift between Rittenhouse and Crismon Rd for utility work. Feb. 7 – Mar. 30; 24-hour 

Upcoming Queen Creek roadwork:

  • Power and Ocotillo Rd intersection closure for street light install, grading, paving and striping. Mar. 01 at 8 pm to Mar. 04 at 5 am