This was my second time to visit, and Eric’s first. We decided to do the Discover Nassau by Land and Sea   tour offered from Disney’s Port Adventures . We had discovered that we really like hearing about the cultures and cities we visit, just as much as the activities we do while there. Sort of a best of both worlds type tour. We both wanted to go to Atlantis to say we’d been, but not as part of the water park or animal encounter package. That’s not really our scene. So this tour definitely seemed perfect.

We left the ship around 10am with our group towards a catamaran / pontoon style boat for our water tour first. In which our local guides were very informative and  knowledgeable.  Our group was about 12 or so people which was nice. We could ask questions and not feel as though we were rushed in any way. It helped make this seem more like a private tour. We were told about the island, the famous houses and who owned them. The cost of these homes. The beautiful planation style home pictures below is the same one I feel in love with last time I was here. Found out a cool $8 million and it could all be mine …. cough. The one farther down with hurricane damage was selling for a steal at $4 million. Needless to say, the Atlantis hotel and casino, Oprah, and the owner of Starbucks will never be my neighbors. (FYI pictured 4 down 3rd in: the round house on the left is Oprah’s. The one on the right with the green roof is the owner of Starbucks.) Our tour guide joked that he paid for at least one of those green roof tiles on this house.

The sea tour lasted for about an hour. There was Rum Punch available if you wanted, loaded or non. I opted for non since we still had the rest of the day to go. 10am is too early for Rum Punch. Maybe if there would’ve been fruit …  

We moved on to the land tour which was about another 45 minutes winding through the city, which is not very big. They took us up to the most Northern Point of the island to a Fort to stretch and take a break and to see the amazing view.  The most interesting thing I learned was that the forts that were built in the shape of a ship to fool any opposing Navy into thinking that this island was heavily protected. Pretty stinking smart.

After this, we headed to Atlantis where our tour could end if we wanted it too and we would be on our own to find our way back to the ship. We had 45 minutes to explore before our ride would be back if we choose to take it. Which we did. We went into the casino put in our $20. Eric won. I lost. Story of my life. Took a few pictures than waited for our ride back to town so I could do some shopping I’d been waiting on since my last trip.


Source: Big Kids at heart Travel Blog
Nassau take 2