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Stop By And Try Some Of The Greatest Smoothies Ever!

Smoothies might just be one of the greatest inventions in the world. Are we being hyperbolic? Maybe. But, we don’t think so after trying a Snickers Rebuild Protein smoothie at Live Lean, the new smoothie shop located in the Copper Basin shopping center.

Some of us at San Tan Times are active, and taking in enough protein throughout the day is important, so grabbing something like this with about 33 grams of protein and only about 200 calories is an awesome option to have. But, maybe a protein smoothie isn’t your thing, well there are plenty of options and flavors at Live Lean.

From traditional, tasty smoothies, to protein smoothies, energy smoothies and teas (that taste so much better than any other energy drink we’ve tried), there is something for everyone at Live Lean.

If you are looking for something special to supplement your active lifestyle or to give you extra energy, or if you are just looking for tasty goodness, the options are nearly unlimited when it comes to what is offered.

About the Smoothies

Currently Live Lean offers over 20 varieties of smoothies made fresh as you order them. Each smoothie can be customized and some smoothies offer added benefits other than a great taste. Muscle building, weight loss, digestive benefits, stress relief, fitness recovery, and more. Ask the owners what is right for you if you are looking for added health benefits in your smoothies.

Current Smoothie Flavors

Double Chocolate
Thin Mint
Tootsie Roll
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Chocolate Caramel
Frozen Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Covered Banana
French Vanilla
Cookies & Cream
Banana Caramel
Mint Chocolate
Pina Colada
Dulce de Leche
Cinnamon Roll
Snicker Doodle
Peanut Cookie

The Teas

Normally, we aren’t much for teas. But, these are a little different. We’ve only tried the energy teas and they were excellent. Great taste, low calorie, and it didn’t make us “wired.” The sweetness was just right without it tasting like an artificial sweetener. We liked it a lot more than any off-the-shelf energy drink we’ve tried.

Make Them From Home

Live Lean also gives customers the option of buying the smoothies and teas to make from home for added convenience. Talk to the owners, Leon and D’Ann to learn more about how you can make your own Live Lean smoothies from home or at work.

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First time customers only!

2510 E. Hunt Hwy, Suite #22-23
San Tan Valley, Arizona 85143


Monday – Friday: 7AM – 2 PM
Saturday: 9AM – 2 PM

Hours to expand in the next few weeks.