6th Graders Using New Technology To Develop Skills

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By: Jeff Green, Principal Combs Traditional Academy

Our 6th graders have been working extensively with our new curriculum: My Perspectives. Students use the technology available to them by creating multimedia presentations, doing research, and sharing their findings through Google Classrooms. Writing is a big portion of the program and students are embracing this challenge to become better writers. They had the opportunity to work as a class, in small groups, and independently.

What will our students do when they are older? We are not sure, but we do know they will need collaboration skills, the ability to communicate ideas in a variety of methods, and the ability to research effectively through a sea of information.

CTA is so proud of our 6th graders and how much they have grown. Much of that growth is due to the professional development given to our teachers, the technology and resources made available, and the hard work of our students to realize their potential.