A new complaint form has been established by the local resident group The United Citizens.

The groups website has recently updated its homepage to allow residents to submit complaints and issues to EPCOR/Johnson Utilities.

The purpose of this form is “design[ed] to let Johnson Utilities/EPCOR know about a specific problem that you have personally encountered with Johnson Utilities from September 17, 2018, and in the future. This form is not designed to complain about past events but rather, to tell Epcor what problems you’re currently experiencing so they can be equipped in fixing them.”

To reiterate the group’s message, if you are experiencing problems with the utility currently, not before September 17, the group and San Tan Times encourages resident to communicate with EPCOR as you experience problems. 

This form will be emailed to: customerservice@johnsonutilities.com

The easy-to-use form offers residents the ability to provide a way to communicate with EPCOR about current issues. Additionally, the form provides the ability to upload images which may be needed for billing problems to show proof of the issue.

To use the form, go online at: