By Joe Foss American Legion Post 97

San Tan Valley, AZ — Soon Veterans in San Tan Valley and the surrounding community will be able to access benefits they so rightfully deserve just by walking through the doors of a new Veterans Center located at the old Oasis Golf Clubhouse at Magic Ranch.

The Center is made possible through, in part with a generous donation and partnership with Johnson Family Foundation and the Joe Foss American Legion Post 97. The Center day-to-day operations will be run by volunteers from the Joe Foss American Legion Post 97 based in San Tan Valley. “It’s all about Veterans helping Veterans”, says John Meyer, Commander of Joe Foss American Legion Post 97.

The Center will have a full-time veteran’s benefits specialist (Service Officer); they want to help you understand just what you qualify for. “Veterans are often confused by seemly mountain of red tape but we’re here to help them with that,” says Dennis Gardner.

Dennis says this change may help remove those obstacles. “Especially if you’re starting to access the benefits and you don’t know where to start, this place to guide you in the right direction.” Beginning next month, the San Tan Valley Veterans Center (STVVC) will officially open. “You can come here to enroll into your healthcare system, request your Veterans ID card and things of that nature,” says John Meyer.

San Tan Valley Veterans Center is to serve as a haven and safe space for Veterans to connect with one another without driving all the way to Phoenix or Tucson.

The Center will also act as a community center, just because you are not a Veterans does not mean you are not welcome. It is a place where the community connects with Veterans and Veterans connect with the community.

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