What Can You Expect Going Forward

The Gantzel extension is open and it is glorious! The long term effects of that road could have a multitude of positive impacts for San Tan Valley. But, for now, let’s talk about the next steps for the construction.

Currently the intersection at Ganzel and Hunt Highway is a bit of a mess with Johnson Ranch Blvd still under construction and still closed. Additionally, the light at that intersection is causing some delays due to the timing of the light and the surrounding construction. That should get better as things move forward.

Johnson Ranch Boulevard, which is phase 4b of the HuntGantzel project, remains closed at Hunt Highway for crews to work at the Hunt Highway/Johnson Ranch intersection to construct concrete curbing, install box culverts as part of the drainage improvements, and prepare the grade and subsurface as part of the transition for the new Gantzel Road Extension at the intersection. As part of this closure, Johnson Ranch traffic does not have access to Hunt Highway, and is being detoured at Desert Willow Boulevard to Thistle Trail to access Hunt Highway. Hunt Highway remains OPEN to traffic with one lane in each direction; however, travelers are not permitted to turn onto Johnson Ranch Boulevard. The original schedule was to have it completed by the start of April, but it appears the schedule is about two weeks behind.

Phase 5 will begin once the Johnson Ranch and Hunt Highway opens.

Scheduled for late April, following the work at the Hunt Highway/Johnson Ranch Boulevard intersection, Hunt Highway will be closed to traffic between Johnson Ranch Boulevard and Red Road (entry to Canyon Rock) for crews to begin work on Hunt Highway between Johnson Ranch Boulevard and Red Road. During this work, which is expected to take three to four months to complete, all Hunt Highway traffic will be routed onto the new Gantzel Road Extension as a detour around the work zone.