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Residents Frustrated In San Tan Heights

Local community struggling to find solutions and resources for a situation that could repeat itself in San Tan Valley.

Weather Forecast Nov 12 - Nov 18, 2018

The temperatures are dropping next week in the East Valley. These are the types of forecasts we have been waiting for!

Road Work & Travel Advisory

The weekly updates of road construction are highlighted by an update on the Hunt Highway project.

Arizona Fishing Report

November can be a great time for fishing in Arizona and with the stockings can taking place soon you will have even better odds at landing some fish.

ACC Utility Update

The ACC recaps what recently took place at open meetings regarding a local utility company and the interim manager.

Community Outreach Spotlight

See how some local residents have decided to tackle student meal debt to be sure local kids in need still receive their school meals.

Community Alzheimer’s Partners Shine A Purple Light On All Dementias

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in coordination with community partners is hosting Shine a Light on All Dementias

Monitoring Section 11 Treatment Plant

The lack of Hydrogen Sulfide violations coming out of section 11 is a trend that we could all get used too.

Warning From PCSO

On Wednesday, November 7th, a Pinal County deputy responded to a home in the North Pecan Creek neighborhood near Gantzel and Ocotillo Roads for a report of an attempted luring.

Animal Control Vaccination Event

This Saturday Pinal County Animal Care And Control is hosting an event offering low-cost vaccinations and licensing.