Free Healthcare Advice 24 Hours A Day 

By Banner Health Ironwood and San Tan Times Staff 

Free healthcare advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (844) 259-9494. Banner Health’s experienced nursing staff is available to help with your immediate health care questions and much more. The Nurse On Call is a service that supports the care you receive from your primary care physician. Helping you get the right kind of care. Banner Health Network Nurse On Call nurses can give you advice for care at home or help you determine if you should seek urgent or emergency care. The nurse can also assist you in finding nearby locations that offer the level of care you need. 

If you or your family members are sick or injured, call the Nurse On Call to learn what you should do next. There is no charge for this service – Banner Health wants to help. 

Our team of nurses can also connect you with valuable resources like: 

A Banner Health pharmacist 

  • The Banner Poison and Drug Information Center 
  • Banner Behavioral Health 
  • Banner Information and Referral Line (classes, education, and event registration) 
  • And many other Banner Health resources 

Call us when you are sick, injured or need care advice at (844) 259-9494.