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Can You A Get Flu Shot If You're Allergic To Eggs?

Because the flu vaccine contains a small amount of egg in it, people who are allergic to eggs were recommended to avoid getting a flu shot.

Fishing Report

Falling water temperatures, a new moon weekend and fish stockings galore. See what lakes are reporting good fishing action throughout the state of Arizona.

Get To Know Your Candidates: US Senate

With the election coming up fast we the column switches focus to highlight who is running against who. This column focuses on the US Senate race.

Improvements to Ellsworth Road Continue

The improvements to Ellsworth Road from Walnut to Germann continue with several upcoming restrictions.

Local Job Finder

Part-time and seasonal work to full time, skilled career positions are available through the town of Queen Creek.

Young Horses Aren’t Much Different Than Kids

Going back to the theme of “young horses aren’t much different than kids” here’s a perfect photo of a young one with it’s mother.

Copper Basin’s Monthly Food Truck Event

Bring chairs or blankets. Come out and meet your neighbors. Bring your friends. No need to fight the road construction to have dinner out.

Job Hiring Event

Recruiters from TRANSCOR AMERICA will be on-site 10/17/2018 from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Adventures In Obsessive Reading Halloween Edition

We have two reviews as we try to cover a lot of ground with our “spooky” book reviews.