One Organization Looking To Make A Difference

A senior group, San Tan Valley Youngsters at Heart, started by Carole Needham, is holding a silent auction event in the hopes of raising money to aid a local resident

A message from Founder Carole Needham

“About a month ago we found out about a need that we hoped we could help with and created a fundraiser for this purpose. We have sent out letters to businesses around the valley asking for their donations. We also went door to door in San Tan Valley and are to distribute flyers for donation of items for a silent auction we are having March 9 at Mountain View Church in San Tan Valley on Hunt Hwy. We are not affiliated with this church other than that Michelle Lee belongs there and attends on a regular basis. We are renting the space from 12 noon till 4 that day to hold the silent auction. We have just a half an hour prior to set things up.”

“Michelle had cancer and is in remission but because of treatment and surgeries, she has lost her mobility in her lower body. ADOT is requiring that get a handicapped equipped vehicle in order for her to keep driving which is a necessity for her to keep her many doctor’s appointments and those of a friend she takes care of that has many health problems and is no longer able to drive.”

“The silent auction itself consists of items that have been donated to us by local business and friends of the group. Volunteers from our group and others from the community are donating much of the things needed to hold this auction.” 

“Since I am the founder and one of 3 administrators of the group people can contact me Carole A Needham on Facebook or calling me at 480-882–1415. My email is We do not have a website.”

“San Tan Valley Youngsters at heart was started by Carole Needham in October of 2017 for the purpose of meeting and making new friends in San Tan Valley. We get together for activities at various times. A walking group and a canasta group have been formed from this group. We have potlucks, game nights, go to lunch and sometimes a movie. Sometimes it will just be a couple people gathering for breakfast or to tour model homes, anything that keeps us active and out doing things rather than sitting alone at home as I was doing before I created the group.”

“We are hoping to raise $37,000 through the efforts we have mentioned and hopefully other events in the future. Although this one no way the purpose of the group we decided to do our best to reach out to help her because we have become so much more than friends. We are more like extended family in many cases.”

“We have an account set up with 2 signatures required to ensure the monies collected from our efforts are used in the proper way.”

Event: Silent auction
March 9 | 12 noon till 4

Location: Mountain View Church
4815 W Hunt Hwy, San Tan Valley 85142

Facebook Group: