Hiking 101 for Kids

Join the Ranger on a family style one-mile hike that will introduce kids to hiking. Learn the basics of trail safety, preparation, and etiquette.

Wildflower Hike

Springtime in the desert is a sight to see. Join us for a casual hike (2-4 miles, route tbd) led by the ranger

Trailwork Volunteer Day

Trail volunteers provide a much-needed source of labor to assist Park Staff with trail repair and enhancements.

Beginner Skill Level Mountain Bike Ride

Join us for an exciting beginner mountain bike ride among the beautiful San Tan Mountains. This 5.5-mile ride is open to all ages and skill levels.

Cool Cactus Walk

What are the names of the cacti that grow in our desert? How do they survive (and thrive!) in such a harsh environment?

Find the Ranger on the Wind Cave Trail

Hike the Wind Cave Trail and find our park ranger! This fun hike is challenging and gives great views of the Valley along the way.

Eat the Desert

How have people survived off the desert for thousands of years? Which desert plants are edible and when are they edible?