Sonoran Desert Basics

Whether you are a new desert dweller or a longtime resident you will enjoy this introduction to our fascinating Sonoran Desert landscape.

Beginner Skill Level Mountain Bike Ride

Join us for an exciting beginner mountain bike ride among the beautiful San Tan Mountains. This 5.5-mile ride is open to all ages and skill levels.

Trailhead Chat with the Ranger

Ranger Nikki will be at the trailhead to answer questions, suggest routes and share hiking tips with you.

Night Safari

What are the wild animals that live in our desert? How do they survive and thrive here? What should you do if you encounter one?

Eat the Desert

How have people survived off the desert for thousands of years? Which desert plants are edible and when are they edible?

The World Beneath Our Feet

Our desert ground is full of holes! What makes all these holes? Each hole reveals clues about who lives in them.

San Tan Mountain Regional Park Future Events!

Homeschool: Rocks & Minerals Part 2

This class will expand upon the ideas of rock formation discussed in Part 1 and focus on how we use rocks and minerals in everyday life.

San Tan Geology

Whether you’ve been to San Tan before or have simply seen the mountains in the distance, you may have wondered: How did those mountains get there?