The Plan San Tan project appears to be listening to what the residents have said. Many of the highlights are what many have been vocalizing for some time.

There have been a lot of comments about public spaces, such as parks and pool, while also having options for trails and bike paths.

Transportation has been an ongoing issues within the area. From roads that are undersized for the population to a lack of public transportation. The project appears to have heard these concerns and needs.

Additionally they have laid out several possible maps with one deemed most desirable.

The preferred plan, offers the wide range of options while focusing on all the current pain points. The preferred plan has a greater housing diversity, such as apartments, a mix mode of transportation which includes walking paths and public transit, increased local employment, and housing in walkable areas.

This preferred plan has not been decided upon as of yet as the Plan San Tan Project is only in Phase III. Phase IV will begin soon. Phase IV is the 60 Day Public Review Draft. Afterwards Phase V will begin which is Public Hearings/Adoption.

The importance of the Plan San Tan is that this area is finally receiving the focus it needs to make the progress everyone is wanting, from preservation of communities, to transportation, to retail and economic development.

This journey to developing the San Tan Valley area has only begun. 

For additional information, you can view the Plan San Tan project on the Pinal County website.

To View the entire slideshow including the map, and preferred plan click on the following link