Hunt Highway Is Closed Between Johnson Ranch Blvd. and Red Rd.

Phase 5 of The Hunt Highway and Gantzel project started this morning as Hunt Highway was closed from Johnson Ranch Boulevard/Gantzel Road to Red Road. This phase of the project is scheduled to last throughout most of the summer as crews work to improve that stretch of Hunt Highway.

While this work is very much needed, it is also closing what has traditionally been the main route through the southern part of San Tan Valley, and is sure to cause traffic congestion for the next few months.

As of 7:00 AM on April 30th the traffic has not been to bad, but with most San Tan Valley schools closed there are less cars on the road.

As you travel around San Tan Valley there are a few things to keep in mind during the construction:

  • Due to construction surrounding Johnson Ranch Blvd. there is limited access when turning left for those heading north on Hunt Highway. If you are traveling North on Hunt it is recommended to take Gantzel instead of Johnson Ranch Blvd.
  • Turning left onto Bella Vista from Gantzel may become an issue as more traffic takes to the road. The left turn lane quickly becomes inaccessible due to cars in the left lane going straight preventing those turning left onto Bella Vista from getting access until the light turns green. Meaning most will miss the light when the turn signal is available.
  • Golf Course Dr. does not appear to be impacted in regards to traffic. This may change once full access is available at Johnson Ranch Blvd is available.
  • All State Self Storage and Johnson Utilities is available. Hunt Highway is closed at Red Road but for those looking to reach either business, driving around the barricades on the shoulder of the road is allowed, BUT use caution and communicate with the officers that are stationed there. Reduce your speed as you drive around the barricades for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Hunt Highway north between Bella Vista and Gary is back to full access. Weekend road work has been completed and lane closures have been reopened.