Pavement Preservation is a cost-effective way to maintain our roads. This program is designed to take direction through funding allocation from Pinal County and the Board of Supervisors. Such a program can vary annually depending on funding available. The overall goal is to have a long-term strategy that enhances pavement performance by having cost-effective practices and treatments to extend pavement life, improve safety and satisfy the needs of our motorists.

Road Preservation in the San Tan Valley Area started on  9/6/17 and will continue throughout the end of the month. The schedules for each area along with a map are detailed below. Schedules are subject to change.

September 6th and 7th Area south of Bella Vista Rd and Schnepf Rd

September 6-7 map

September 8th and 11th Areas on both sides of Prospector Ln south of Judd

September 8&11 map

September 12th and 13th Area south of Copper Mine Rd

September 12-13 map

September 12-13 map

September 14th and 15th Areas south of Johnson Ranch Blvd

September 14-15 map


September 18th and 19th Areas between Johnson Ranch and Desert Willow

September 18-19 map

September 20th thru 22nd Area northwest of Bella Vista Rd and Gantzel

September 20-22 map

If you would like further information regarding the preservation work you can visit

Source: Pinal County Public Works