District 1 Supervisor Communicating With Residents… Poorly

On February 20th, when San Tan Valley residents were busy taking time out of their schedule, that is already filled with traffic and long commutes, to attend ACC hearings and voice their concerns, District 1 Supervisor Pet Rios was busy sending out an angry email to San Tan Valley residents.

Some of the residents have taken the email as a threat. Which is what many residents feared when speaking at the hearings.

Let’s take a look at that email:

Dear Form Letter Signer:

I read your computer-generated form letter with much interest. However most people that are sincerely concerned about an issue in their community will typically contact their elected official(s) by a personal email, phone call or letter.

Secondly, I would challenge you or the author of this form letter to find anything in my voting record as Supervisor for District 1 (over the last nine years) that directly benefited Johnson Utilities. You’re missing the basic, logical research that is done before launching accusations & making demands.

If after conducting your research you find any reason to support your inflammatory, malicious defamation of character allegations, I would encourage you to present your evidence to the County Attorney’s Office. In the meantime you all have a glorious day.

Respectfully Yours,

Pete Rios, Pinal County Supervisor Dist. 1

Cc Pinal County Attorney

If Pete Rios would have bothered to attend even one of the hearings, he would have realized the problems our area has been dealing with. But he did not. He, instead, chose to send an email to residents. An email that is now being viewed upon as a threat by several that have received them.

Let’s take a look at the form letter, that Pete described as “inflammatory, malicious defamation of character“:

Dear Todd House and Pete Rios,

I’ve noticed that both of you have received a substantial amount of campaign funds from George Johnson and/or his associates. I, like so many others Pinal County citizens, have waited for MANY years for Pinal County to regulate Johnson Utilities – and their associated subcontractors – as the community has been negatively and directly affected by either their contaminated drinking water, hazardous gas releases, unaccounted-for bill rates spikes, and general poor service that Johnson Utilities provides the community.

The Pinal County taxpayers elect you to help protect them – and we have not seen that at all. We also have noticed that your judgments appear to lean in favor of Johnson Utilities compared to protecting us, the citizens of Pinal County.

We are calling for you, Todd House and Pete Rios, to recuse yourself from ANY and EVERY matter involving Johnson Utilities as we no longer trust your judgment/decision making as it relates to protecting the health and interest of the Pinal County citizens.

Hardly anything that should justify such an angry email sent out to residents. But, Pete did offer a challenge, and we love a good challenge: “I would challenge you or the author of this form letter to find anything in my voting record as Supervisor for District 1 (over the last nine years) that directly benefited Johnson Utilities.”

Okay, Pete, tell us why, when you could have fined Johnson Utilities over one million dollars for the 108 hydrogen sulfide violations between 2015 and 2017, you voted to settle on Aug. 21 with Johnson Utilities for $20,000?

The Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to settle for $20,000 and an order of abatement that included measures the utility would have to take to get into compliance. Mike Goodman, R-San Tan Valley, was the only supervisor who voted to pursue increased penalties for the utility.

So, Pete, tell us, the residents of San Tan Valley, how that vote didn’t benefit Johnson Utilities.

Better yet, San Tan Valley residents, let Pete know how you feel about the letter to San Tan Valley residents directly affected by the Hydrogen Sulfide problems. If Pete focused his anger on actual problems as opposed to making residents feel threatened, maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re currently in.


united citizens letter

Screenshot of the original form that residents used to submit their information to the county.

Rios' response

Screenshot of the email response from Pete Rios that residents received.


If you would like to contact Pete and wish him “a glorious day”, he can be reached directly at:

Florence Office 

P.O. Box 827

Florence, AZ 85132

ph: 520.866.7830

fx: 520.866.7838

Email Pete Rios 



118 Catalina Avenue

Mammoth, AZ 85618

ph: 520.487.2941

Office Hours:

M-F: 8am-5pm

Closed: 12pm-1pm

Don’t let those that should be working for you attempt to bully you. If you wish to speak about this but are concerned with receiving threatening responses, submit an article or your thoughts on this to San Tan Times. We’ll make your voice heard, and if need be, protect your name. Pete Rios had the opportunity to provide aid and assistance to those that needed it. Instead he decided to respond with anger and potential threats. We are a community of over 100,000. It’s time we come together, make our voice heard, and protect ourselves and those around us.