Crews Have Started Clearing the Path to Extend Gantzel

Pinal County is hard at work to give San Tan Valley Residents a new route. Crews have started clearing what will be the Gantzel Road extension. The road currently comes to a dead end at Omega Dr. in between the communities of Johnson Ranch and Rancho Bella Vista South.

Once this phase of the project is completed in April there will be a much needed second route through San Tan Valley. For the longest time Hunt Hwy has been heavily congested during rush hours and at some point this should help to clear that up.

Don’t get to excited for April though! First off we all know how road construction works so odds are this won’t be done in April, but even if it is things will still be congested in San Tan Valley!

Phase 4B thru 8 will all be on Hunt Highway and are projected to continue through January of 2019! This will mean that gantzel will soon become the easiest way to get around town, most likely causing delays throughout the end of the project.

Once these roads are all finished up we will have some much needed traffic relief in San Tan, but for now we will endure construction.

Come on 2019!