By, Gina Salinas, Pinal County

Pinal County officially broke ground this morning on a new 50,000 sq ft complex in San Tan Valley, which will bring several government services to the area, including its first library.

The $16 million facility, located at 31500 N Schnepf Road, is slated to open in March 2021 and is designed to reduce citizen travel time to and from county offices and provide easier access to a variety of county services.

As well as the library, its two buildings will also house a Sheriff’s Office sub-station, the District’s Supervisor office, Family Advocacy Center, Community Development and Clerk of the Superior Court services, offices for the Assessors, Recorders, and Treasurers, as well as Adult and Juvenile Probation facilities.

The project is being funded from a larger $63 million bond issue that the Pinal County Board of Supervisors approved for several new facilities last year. It will be built by Scottsdale based A.R. Mays Construction and will save the county more than $200k per year on buildings it currently leases.

“This complex represents bringing the government closer to the people it serves, making county amenities more accessible,” said District 2 Supervisor Mike Goodman.

Speaking to the 9,500 sq ft library, Supervisor Goodman commented, “The Library represents a gathering place, a facility owned by the people. Many families in the community have expressed a need for a public library and thanks to the staff and many individuals that were involved in this project, we‘ve been able to make that wish a reality.”