October 12 Has Been Designated As Arizona Trails Day

By, Joe Pyritz, Public Information Officer, Pinal County

The Arizona Trail spans 800 miles across the state. From the Arizona/Mexico Border to the south to the Arizona/Utah Border to the south, the trail is a good cross section of nearly every part of the state. Some parts are easily traversed, while some take the hiker though some very steep terrain, In other words, there is something for everyone on the Arizona Trail.

On Saturday, October 12, the Arizona Trails Association has designated the day: “Arizona Trail in a Day.” The goal, to get all sections, all 800 miles conquered in one day. Participants can hike, bike, run or even ride horseback on a section or sections of the Arizona Trail.

Pinal County employees, led by their Wellness Coalition will take on sections of the trail that are in the County. But one employee, Open Space and Trails Director, Kent Taylor has a slightly more ambitious plan for the day.

“I plan to take my mountain bike and ride from the Tiger Mine Trailhead in Oracle north to the Gila River, approximately 80 miles,” Taylor said. “It’s going to be quite an adventure, I’m hoping the weather will cooperate.”

Pinal County has over 130 miles of the Arizona Trail. The Open Space and Trails Department is listed as the responsible land agency for many of those sections.

“I’m grateful that the Board of Supervisors are supporting us in helping to make Pinal County a terrific place for outdoor enthusiast,” Taylor stated. The Arizona Trail is only one example, we are currently developing a trail to follow the CAP Canal through Pinal County and we are also in the developing phases of a Regional Park offering primitive recreation off of the Peralta Trail near Gold Canyon and other projects as well. We want residents and visitors alike to get active and see what kind of beauty we have in our own backyard.”

To learn more about the Arizona Trail or the Arizona Trail in a Day event, please go to their webpage:

Taylor’s fundraising page for his ride is: