By S.DiBiase, Pinal County Air Quality Meteorologist

Monsoonal high pressure will slowly build towards the favorable Four-Corners area this week. Initially, the most noticeable effect will be seasonably hot afternoon high temperatures (approaching 110 degrees!) and light afternoon winds. The high pressure will move closer to the Four-Corners by Friday and is forecasted to reach its optimal location this weekend. Therefore Monsoon fueled storms are projected to result in outflow winds and associated blowing dust. Have PM10 Health Watches possible on Friday and Saturday, though they could as just as easily be PM10 High Pollution Advisories (HPA). 

Have a high dust risk forecast for Wednesday due to light early morning winds and expected high PM10 levels at Hidden Valley. Slightly less favorable early morning conditions on Thursday bring a moderate dust risk. High dust risks forecast for Friday and Saturday due to the aforementioned uptick in Monsoon activity.

For more information on the dust forecast for Wednesday, and throughout the week, go online at: