Redistricting News

By Pinal County

The Board of Supervisors approved a redistricting in July 2017 from eight Justice Courts precincts to six. Two precincts will also have satellite offices designated in their jurisdiction. The Board of Supervisors approved new names for four of the six Justice Courts. Apache Junction and Casa Grande will remain the same.

Pinal County Justice Courts currently have 57 full-time employees. Redistricting has caused some changes within assigned positions within each court, but the overall number will not decrease. Clerk staff assignment for 2019 have been finalized through a merit selection process.

Pinal County Court Administrative Issues

The committee currently meets weekly with key staff from the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and other stakeholders to ensure an efficient transition and implementation of the Board of Supervisors redistricting plan.

The current Apache Junction Justice Court will split into two separate jurisdictions with San Tan Valley having its own justice court called Pioneer Justice Court. The Board of Supervisors has authorized the construction of a facility on county property on Hunt Highway near Arizona Farms Road. This new facility will not be completed until April 2019.

The Apache Junction Justice Court and the new Pioneer Court will both operate out of the Apache Junction Justice Court facility until the Pioneer Justice Court facility is ready for occupancy.

The Pioneer Justice Court facility location:

3655 Hunt Highway
San Tan Valley, AZ

The Current Justice Courts in Superior, Mammoth, and Oracle have been combined into one Justice Court Precinct. This new precinct will be named the Copper Corridor Justice Court and will have two facilities. The main courthouse will be in the current Superior Justice Court location and the current court facilities in Oracle will be designated as a satellite office. The justice court facility in Superior is currently under renovations and the Superior Justice Court is currently operating in Kearny at 355 Alden Rd, Kearny.

Renovations to the facility in Superior are scheduled to be completed by March 2019.

Florence and Eloy Justice Courts have been combined into one new justice court precinct. The new precinct will be named the Central Pinal Justice Court and will have two facilities. The main court will be in the renovated facility in Coolidge (June 2019) and the current facility in Eloy will be designated as a satellite office. The current Florence facility will continue to be in operation until renovations are completed at the Coolidge facility and will function as the main court facility.

The approved redistricting has caused some changes in the number of assigned positions within each court but the overall number of full-time employee positions within the justice court merit staff has not decreased. 2019 staffing will consist of:

  • 6 Justice of the Peace
  • 6 Constables
  • 8 Judicial Office Supervisors
  • 8 Clerk Senior
  • 42 Justice Court Clerks

There will be internal promotion opportunities open to clerk staff for 6 open Clerk Senior positions. The committee is working with Human Resources to come up with a timeline for posting and selecting of the Clerk Senior positions.