Statistics Show And Support Community Concerns

The Plan San Tan project has been moving forward and information gathered from local residents at the meetings has been listened to.

Over the next two issues we will highlight several items and information that the Plan San Tan project has put together. Some of the information will be obvious to local residents, such as job growth and local services. But it does show that those involved with Plan San Tan are listening to residents and seeing the problems in the area.

The big takeaway from the information that is being highlighted in this issue is the workforce. It is no surprise to anyone that more jobs are needed. But seeing the numbers really highlights the huge problem within the San Tan Valley area.

From the statistics, there only 2,257-3,850 jobs within the San Tan Valley area. Meanwhile nearly 32,000 residents leave the area every day for work.

Another number to focus on is the retail power that the area potentially has with an estimated $1.13 BILLION in potential retail spending.

Also, there is essentially no multi-family living options within the area. Meaning there are no apartment complexes. Multi-family solutions will be a hurdle due to the low price point of rental homes in San Tan Valley. A family can easily get a 3 bedroom home for around $1,000 per month.

An apartment complex will have a difficult time competing with those price points. Amenities and the convenience of no property upkeep will be desirable to some, but for many, the economics of an apartment versus a single family home will be the main decision from what we have seen.

The retail potential the San Tan Valley area has is incredible and a little surprising that more effort hasn’t been made to leverage that considering the area is over 25% of the population for Pinal County.

Another obvious statistic, that coincides with the untapped economic power is that residents feel they are under severed in several areas such as retail options, entertainment, restaurants, and community services.

The great thing about Plan San Tan is that a lot of the issues that residents have been upset about are coming to light and are now being supported by statistics from those outside of the area.

We hope to see the Plan San Tan project to continue to make progress. 

If you would like to view the slideshow that was presented to the Board of Supervisors you can follow this link Plan-San-Tan-Updated-4-18-18