If you are reading this odds are that the weather is pretty comfortable for you right now. With a high of 73 in the Phoenix area, it is setting up to be an amazing day and week!

The rest of the US and Canada is not quite as lucky though. With Phoenix reaching a high of 73 today there are plenty of places that will be over 100 degrees colder! Yes, you read that right, when you factor in windchill there will be a 100-degree difference in temperatures! Some midwest cities will even be colder than Antartica!

Let’s take a look at the weather conditions across the continent!


Chicago has an overnight low of -20 to -30 with a real feel of -50 to -55 that is a 128-degree temperature difference between the high in Phoenix and the overnight low in Chicago. Find the full forecast here!


Fargo’s overnight low is -35, but when you add in the 35mph wind that temperature drops to a bone-chilling -65! Giving them a 138-degree difference from Phoenix. Find the full forecast here.


Minneapolis is projected to get down to an air temperature of -26 tonight and once the wind does its damage that will feel like -55 giving another city a 128-degree difference! Find the full forecast here.


Buffalo has it a little better than some but it will still be pretty dang cold with an overnight low of 2, but once again the wind will wreak havoc and cause that temperature to feel like -25 as they get pounded with 12-20 inches of snow. Just shy of a 100-degree difference coming in at 98. Find the full forecast here.


Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada will have an overnight air temperature of -33 with a real feel of -45 making their difference from Phoenix 118-degrees. Find the full forecast here.

Antarctica McMurdo Station

The forecast for this Antarctic weather station is expected to be in the teens to low 20’s making it warmer in Antarctica than any other city on this list (excluding Phoenix)! Find the full forecast here.

So to make a long story short it is really really cold all across the United States and Canada other than the Phoenix area so if you are calling Arizona home right now you are lucky! If you are living basically anywhere else do yourselves a favor and stay inside. With temperatures this low outside you will be at risk. Watch for symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness, and color change in extremities. Most areas are under an extreme cold warning which is issued when very cold temperatures or wind chill creates an elevated risk to health such as frostbite and hypothermia.

Stay safe out there everyone!