By Brian Wagner, Poston Butte Swim Coach

Poston Butte is making a habit of swimming incredibly well at every meet it participates in this season. The Broncos attended the Saturday Night Fever Invitational this past weekend at the Chandler High School pool.

Four more school records were broken which has happened at every meet this season so far with the most notable being the boys 4×100 Freestyle Relay. The boys’ fastest time in that event so far this season was 8 seconds off of the previous record set in 2011 and was shattered by an additional 8 seconds. 

Brigham Sorensen, Kole Hillner, Jake Finnegan, and Mason Wright were able to drop a combined 16 seconds in one swim meet to set the new record. Once again most all of the swimmers swam personal records with two notable performances going to Bryce Sorensen and Emily Lambert. Bryce dropped 10 seconds off of both his individual events and Emily dropping 17 seconds off her 100 Freestyle. 

The Broncos continue to improve to be the strongest team in San Tan Valley despite having a shallow 3 lane pool to practice in. The team commutes to Florence a few days a month so they can practice their dive starts and get some yardage in without swimming on top of each other. The team anxiously looks forward to the day that they can either get their own pool or are let into a facility that is set up to host a high school swim team.