By Brian Wager, Coach of Poston Butte Swim Team

We had a decent showing at our meet today. I don’t know that there is any science behind it, but the pool was not seeming fast today for the most part with a few impressive exceptions. Gilbert High School has been D1 for the last 20+ years and was just dropped down to D2 this year. They had over 70 kids on their team and took up every inch of an 8 lane pool just to warm up. Horizon Honors was very similar to our team size. 

The scores were as follows.


  • Gilbert: 172
  • Poston: 85
  • Horizon: 34


  • Gilbert: 156
  • Poston: 75
  • Horizon: 57

Despite what the scores look like, we had some very competitive races. Our boys 4×50 Freestyle relay team led the first 3 legs of the race and were just out-touched by less than a second by Gilbert’s fastest relay they had. We also did that without one of our fastest boys that is normally on that team who was unable to swim this week. Xavier Sansores was our sole winner of a race in the 100 Breaststroke. On the girl’s side, Gabby Donato swam very strong and was competitive with both schools. Again the scores don’t accurately depict how many big and fast girls Horizon actually had. I also want to recognize Kylen Mercado and Emily Lambert for stepping up and swimming well in events they would have rather not done, but put the team first and had a great attitude about it.

To quote Bill Belichick, “We’re on to Queen Creek and Casteel”. That is going to be another tough one.