Be aware Of The New Safety Zone As School Re-Starts

The new school zone goes into effect Monday as Poston Butte students return from Fall Break.

This long overdue need could not have happened without the county and the Florence Unified School District working together to create this solution.

In the end, it will provide a greater level of safety for, both, students and drivers.

Superintendent Chris Knutsen spoke about the work that was involved and the partnership with the county to make this happen, “We are grateful for the hard work of our transportation department and the county to install the flashing signs and for changing the speed limit to 35mph in front of Poston Butte. The partnership between FUSD and Pinal County is vital for all parties involved. The flashing lights and a change in speed limit will help keep our kids safe. I ask our community to please be aware when you are driving through this area and help us all by going the correct speed limit.”

Supervisor Mike Goodman shared his thoughts on the development of the new school zone, “We’ve been working with FUSD for some time to address the safety concern of students from Poston Butte High School that are crossing Gantzel Road before, during, and after school. Collectively Pinal County Staff and FUSD Officials felt it necessary to encourage drivers to keep speed to a minimum through the school zone, and we hope that these new, flashing signs will do just that. “

“Ultimately, for those of us passing by, we need to think of these kids as our own, and their safety as a top priority. We are thankful for our school leaders and for their diligence as they strive to keep all the kids safe.”

Morning and afternoon commuters need to be alert to the yellow flashing lights and be sure to keep in mind the new speed limit restrictions during the periods when the school zone is in effect.