You Don’t Need To Starve Yourself To Get Results

By Live Lean Nutrition

Last week we talked about meal planning. This week we are going to talk about calories and serving sizes to help you along with your journey of weight loss

Whether you are doing traditional calorie restrictions, or one of the several low carb diets available, or any other diet trend that you may try, understanding calories and serving sizes will help you understand how much you are eating and how to manage your diet going forward.

Where to start

Best place to start is on a nutritional label. We all see them, but often, we have a poor understanding of what we are getting. Since we are talking about managing a diet, lets start with breakfast and offer a few examples.


We could start with something ridiculous, such as Cocoa Puffs and try to show you how bad cereal is, but that isn’t the point. We aren’t here to scare you into eating better, we are here to talk about how you can work within your existing diet, lose weight, and feel better, by being more aware of how much of something you are eating.

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal

Serving size: 1 cup

Calories: 220 calories

6 ounces of 2% Milk: 77 calories

Total: 297 calories

Now, that doesn’t sound bad, until you realize the size of a cup of cereal. Many of us, when we pour cereal into a bowl, will end up with two to four servings of cereal, easily.

We recommend pouring your normal bowl of cereal and then grabbing a measuring cup and pouring the bowl into the measuring cup to determine how many servings you normally consume. In many cases it is an eye opener.


Serving size for meat is usually broken down in 4oz servings. Whether it is chicken breast or steak, 4oz is usually the serving size. 4oz of raw lean meat ends up being about 3oz after cooking. A 3oz portion is similar in size to a deck of cards.

A serving of skinless chicken breast is 110 calories. A serving of London Broil, a lean red meat, is 190 calories.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can expect when you go out too eat if you ordered steak. We will be using Outback Steakhouse’s nutritional information for this.

The 24oz Porterhouse comes in at 1230 calories. While the 12oz Prime Rib is 1050 calories. And that doesn’t take into account of the side dishes and appetizers. That is just the meat. But, practical choices can be made without sacrificing enjoyment. The 9oz Sirloin is a very respectable 320 calories and the 10oz Ribeye is 540.

When it comes to appetizers, you might want to stay away from the Bloomin’ Onion with its 1950 calories.

What does this mean

Keep an eye on serving sizes since the vast majority of us underestimate how much we are eating. With serving sizes in mind, even while dieting, you will be able to still eat some of your favorite foods. Just less of them.

Understanding serving sizes and nutritional labels also means it is easier to track your diet by preparing your own meals, which is why we spoke about meal prepping last week.

How is this beneficial?

No matter what diet you feel works for you, understanding serving sizes and caloric intake is always beneficial and helpful. Knowing exactly where your calories are coming from means you can better manage your diet, whether you are doing calorie restriction, Atkins, South Beach Diet, or any other diets that you may have found works for you.

We aren’t hear to tell you to do something one way or it is wrong. We are simply providing a solid nutritional foundation for you to build upon as you attempt to reach your goals in terms of health and weight.

Next Week

Next week we will talk about carbs, fats, and protein. We will talk about what they do for you and why you crave them. It will provide a bit of self-awareness when it comes to your eating habits and why some diets are more likely to work for you than others.

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